Online print ordering is not yet available, but hopefully will be in the near future. In the meantime you can order prints by emailing me.

Standard Edition Prints
Smaller prints sizes are available as "Standard Edition" prints. These borderless prints are made using lightjet or pigment inkjet printers, on luster/semi-gloss photo paper ("E-Surface").

Special Edition Prints
Larger print sizes are sold as "Special Edition" prints. These archival pigment inkjet prints are prepared by the photographer and signed and numbered as open editions. Special Edition prints are printed on fiber-gloss baryta paper (matte-rag available by request for some images). These papers use a heavier, cotton-rag paper base that is acid- and lignin-free, with archival ratings in excess of 100 years for standard display conditions (even longer for black and white prints). Special Edition prints are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity that lists the title, photograph date, print date, and other information about the photograph as well as tips for the care and display of your print.

Print Sizes and Ratios
Standard frame sizes are based on the 5:4 format that dates back to view cameras. While some of the photographs available on this site are in the 5:4 format, many are sold in the 3:2 format that they were originally shot in, since cropping them would compromise the photograph's composition. These 3:2 format photographs will not fit standard frame sizes unless a custom mat is used. Alternatively, custom frames can also be used. If you have any questions about mounting and framing options for a particular photograph, feel free to contact me.

Price List
Current print pricing is as follows (these prices are subject to change). Prices are for bare prints; mounted and matted or framed prints also available. Not all images are available in all print sizes. Multi-item discounts are available.

Standard Edition Prints
8x10", 8x12" - $25
11x14", 10x15" - $45

8x20" - $50
8x24" - $60

Special Edition Prints
12x18" - $75
16x20" - $115
16x24" - $135
20x25" - $175
20x30" - $225
22x33" - $275

12x30" - $125
12x36" - $150
16x40" - $225
15x45" - $250
20x50" - $350
20x60" - $425

Money-Back Guarantee and Warranty
If you're not happy with your print order when it arrives for any reason, simply return it within 30 days for a full refund. All photographic prints come with a limited lifetime warranty against fading or color shifts.
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